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Anybody Got a Flashlight?

My Grandfather was always prepared for anything when I was growing up. Our basement was just like a Wal-Mart stockroom - toilet paper, paper towels, soap, toothpaste, detergent, batteries, etc... filled the basement in a very orderly and exact fashion. He never wanted the family to be without the essential things, and he always wanted to be prepared.

It was always good to know that whatever you needed could be found downstairs in that basement. Although Grandpa hooked us up with what we needed, we still had to be careful. The basement's steps weren't in very good shape, and the light was hard to reach. So, us kids knew better than to go down there without getting permission AND EVEN THEN we still had to be watched so that we wouldn't get hurt.

Those were the days having that constant protection, which we took for granted because we didn't know any better. I look back and know that I had everything I needed because Grandpa, Nana, and my Mom went before me to make provisions. Their love, care, and concern allowed me to see my way through the dark....and I wasn't even aware of it. Is that not what God does for us? He goes before us making provisions and giving us everything we need - allowing us to be prepared. He paves the way for us, pouring out blessings, and watching over us. He turns on the flashlight so that we can see our way in the dark....providing that love and care that keeps us in perfect peace. Most of the time, we are not even aware of the things He is doing behind the scenes. He just shows up and shows out! All we can do is thank Him and continue to trust Him.

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