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Black Women are the Most Educated Group

“Education is the way to move mountains, to build bridges to change the world. Education is the path to the future. I believe that education is indeed freedom.” Oprah Winfrey

A recent report confirms that black women are now the most educated group in the United States.

Between 2009 and 2010, black women earned 68 percent of all associate degrees, 66 percent of bachelor degrees, 71 percent of master degrees, and 65 percent of all doctorates awarded.

A higher percentage of black women are enrolled in college than any other group – over Asian women, White women, and White men.

While black women may be the most educated, unfortunately we make up just 8 percent of private sector jobs (nonprofits, multinational corporations) and less than 2 percent of leadership roles. It’s not a secret that black women earn only 64 cents to the white man’s dollar. White women earn 78 cents, Black men 75 cents, and Hispanic men 67 cents, and Hispanic women 54 cents.

According to the National Committee of Pay Equity, White women won’t receive equal pay until 2059. That’s not very encouraging news for any of us! Many of us will be long gone before it comes to our table.

It’s the first time in American history that Black women are leading the way in education. Like Oprah said, we know that education is the path to the future. We also know that it reduces poverty, promotes gender equality, and helps reduce health issues.

We are definitely sprinkling our #BlackGirlMagic but we still have work to do.

The number of Black women in high-paying jobs is increasing but we’re still not showing up in industries like engineering and tech. This has an effect on their families, considering more than 50 percent of Black women with children are either the sole or primary breadwinners. Therefore, equalizing pay could make a difference in the lives of Black children.

Viola Davis put it so plainly: “The only thing that separates women of color from everyone else is opportunity.”

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