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Live Each Day Like It Is Your Last

The first time I experienced a major loss of someone was when my Nana passed away. It was six days before my 18th birthday and two months before my high school graduation.

Losing her shook me to my core and I was so sad, although it was supposed to be the most exciting time in my life. There was so much I didn’t get a chance to say, and I wish that I could have seen her one last time.

Despite all of the race, origin, religion, and class differences, death is something we all have in common. In addition, none of us want to die. We are on this earth for a limited-time only; we don’t know how long we’ll be blessed to be here.

Losing my Nana taught me that life is short. Since then, I’ve lost many loved ones including my mother. Each loss has forced me to take an account of what I am doing; more importantly what I am not doing.

Remembering that we won’t be here forever is the best remedy for not going after your dreams. It’s the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. There’s no reason not to follow-through with every idea and every plan that God has planted in your spirit.

Usually, I would take this time of year to deeply reflect on the year and evaluate what I didn’t accomplish. This provided the opportunity for me to get down on myself. This time, I decided to honor myself for the things I did accomplish and how I made it through despite challenges.

No, things weren’t perfect and I had many setbacks. But I choose to believe that it was all for my good. Things could have been a lot worse. I realize that I am blessed and with God still in control. So, I’m focusing on 2019 as if each day will be my last. Removing limitations and boundaries, and always pressing through when storms arise.

If death teaches you nothing else, allow it to challenge what you think is not possible. Realize that you're still here with the ability to live out your dreams. I knew that I had the opportunity to continue Nana's legacy and create my own.

Live each day like it's your last!

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