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5 Movies About Writers and Poets To Watch Now

Writing is so many things which is why I love the fact there are so many movies about writers. Historical writers. Fictional writers. Poets. Famous writers. Failed writers. Playwrights, novelists, and screenwriters. Sometimes their lives are personal tragedies, or just plain fascinating. Sometimes writing is woven into a story plot which makes it that much more luminous.

One thing I’ve done over the past few months of quarantine is dive into movies. Especially, revisiting movies I love. This has been a joy. Since I know that you are getting your Netflix on as well, here are 5 movies about writers and poets you need to put on your watch list.

The Words

For writers, we know the pain of rejection that comes with pitching your work to publishers. All you do is dream about literary success. In the movie, novelist Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper), finds his writing career going nowhere. After finding a novel in a briefcase, he decides to copy it into his computer and pass it off as his own work. He becomes instantly famous but at what cost? Great twists and turns. Quite heartwarming.

Poetic Justice

Janet Jackson and the poetry of Maya Angelou – what’s not to love?! As Justice (Janet Jackson) grieves after the murder of her boyfriend, she writes poetry to deal with the pain. Unable to get to Oakland for a hair convention, Justice gets a ride with her friend Iesha (Regina King) and Iesha’s boyfriend, Chicago (Joe Torry). And guess who is along for the ride? It’s Chicago’s friend Lucky (Tupac). Lucky and Justice get close but not before some issues. Directed by John Singleton.

Love Jones

If you have not seen this movie, we can’t be friends! Darius (Larenz Tate), an aspiring writer, and Nina (Nia Long), an aspiring photographer, share a connection after meeting at a Chicago club for open mic night. The two bond over music, photography and poetry, and eventually begin a romance. However, when Nina decides to move to New York and mend her relationship with her ex, it leaves Darius heartbroken. Cult-classic that you have to watch.


Is being a famous writer that bad? The first time I saw this movie, I cringed at the thought of this happening for real! I couldn’t believe this dark side of literary success. Kathy Bates is an obsessive fan who rescues a famous novelist (James Caan) from a car crash and holds him captive. Almost the entire film is just Bates and Caan, which evokes the panic of having to be creative under time constraints before you even get to the part where an evil superfan is threatening your life.

Dead Poets Society

I was still in high school when I first saw this movie and loved it. John Keating (Robin Williams), is an English teacher at an all-boys prep school that is known for its ancient traditions and high standards. He uses unorthodox methods to reach out to his students, who face pressures from their parents and the school. With Keating's help, his students learn to break out of their shells and seize the day. O Captain, my Captain! You’ll also get a chance to remember the brilliance of Robin Williams.


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