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5 Podcasts That Will Change Your Outlook on Life

So much has been written about how much highly-successful people read, including Warren Buffet reading 500 pages a day, and Bill Gates reading 50 books a year. And we all know Oprah’s love of books to where she started her own book club.

There are few things I love more than a trip to the bookstore. And being an avid reader only helps me develop my skills and talent as a writer. But no matter how much I want to read every book on my list, my life doesn’t have the capacity to spend hours every day reading. The same probably holds true for you too.

That’s why I love podcasts. Talk about life hacks! All you need is your phone, and you can listen to podcasts that broaden your perspective on life, career, and the world. Podcasts are entertainment and education rolled into one and perfectly made for a multi-tasking life. I listen while I work out, while I’m driving, cooking, or working.

So, if you are or haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, let me share my 5 favorite podcasts (all created and hosted by Black women) to help you get your life.

What started out as a text-based app with affirmations, is now a podcast-meets-meditation and wellness app that I can’t do without. The goal is to meet the needs of Black well-being. I can say that I struggle less with my anxiety, since adding this podcast to my daily self-care routine.

Instagram: @shinetext

You can’t go wrong listening to former U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith read poetry. Her voice is like butter. The weekday, five-minute episodes not only give a closer look into poems but also provide context and clarity into culture issues.

Instagram: @slowdownshow

Demetria L. Lucas, author and cultural critic, muses on pop culture, politics, relationships, and everything worth watching on TV and film. She’s smart, insightful, and hilarious. Her interviews are the best. You won’t be disappointed, and will be counting down to the next episode.

Instagram: @demetriallucas

Imagine one of your best girlfriends, an effective life coach, a mentor that wants you to win, and a truth teller all rolled into one. That’s the magic of Kandia Johnson. Following her on Instagram will have you think you’re winning. But her podcast will have you all the way right, with practical steps and advice you can apply immediately.

Instagram: @kandiajohnson

Carol Sankar is a keynote presenter, who has received rave reviews for her talks to major corporations and TEDx. She’s a storyteller, and every word has value. Her podcast will make you laugh, think, and most importantly act. Carol knows how to create lasting value.

Instagram: @carolsankar


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