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5 Things I'm Leaving Behind To Make Room For 2021

So, it’s mid-January and by now many of us have already fallen off with our goals. It’s actually normal - about 80 percent of people who set goals for the new year drop them by the end of January. Creating new habits is not the problem. Most people fail because of the way they’re trying to achieve their goals.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the past year is that no matter what life throws at us – losing jobs, financial difficulties, stress, and overwhelming anxiety, we are still able to wake up the next morning. We are still able to move forward and figure out how to make life work as best we can. We are resilient in ways we never thought possible.

This year, I felt that I needed to do more than just write my goals down and make a vision board. It was important for me to determine what I needed to leave behind in 2020 in order to make room in 2021. This process has helped me to set intentions.

With that being said, here are 5 things I’m leaving behind to have my best year possible.

Waiting for the Perfect Time

So often, I will tell myself that I can’t go forward with a plan because it’s not the right time. This was the very case last year when I wanted to start my YouTube channel. I told myself I couldn’t do it because I needed a fancy camera and lighting. It was an excuse. All I needed was my iPhone and a couple of lamps.

Putting things off because the ‘timing isn’t right’ or you’re just ‘waiting for the right moment’ is perfect if you want to procrastinate. There are things we just can’t prepare for. Life moves fast, and opportunities are fleeting. The perfect time is when you make it.


If you want to know the true thief of joy, look no further than when you compare yourself to others. Truth is, comparison does no one any good; especially when it’s strangers on the Internet who only show what they want you to see. You are not going to feel, be, or do better by comparing yourself to anyone. It’s just a waste of your precious energy.


Recently, I started to notice that things were starting to take over my house. Boxes, toys, and magazines were in every corner and it had my anxiety level sky high. And then the closet seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.

When is the last time you cleaned out your pantry? What’s really in the back of your refrigerator or freezer?

I need my home to be an environment that helps me thrive – not one that suffocates me. I want to have what I need which is why I’m getting rid of stuff but also organizing things better. Whatever it is, you have to ask yourself why you have it and what purpose does it serve. If you can’t answer those questions, get rid of it.

Negative Outlooks

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

As someone who has dealt with anxiety most of their life, I can be either one depending on the day. What you say is what you will attract, and if you constantly wish for bad things or if you’re constantly in a self-deprecating mood – how could you possibly have good things happen in your life?

The Pandemic Way of Life

No, don’t stop following safety guidelines. Keep social distancing, wearing a mask, and only going out when necessary. What I mean is to stop using the pandemic as an excuse. Stop drinking wine at 2:00 pm on any given afternoon. Stop watching that Netflix series for the 4th time in a row. Stop sniffing your clothes to see if they’re good for one more day. Stop forgetting what day it is.

You know why? Because you weren’t doing those things prior to the pandemic. Yes, we are at home and having to do operate differently. It is stressful and naturally we take ourselves to a safe zone in order to cope. But many of us have choosing zones that cause more harm than good. I like binging Netflix and having a glass of wine just like anyone else. However, if your new habits are not contributing to actual self-care, you don’t need to do it anymore.

Welcome 2021. I pray that it brings us prosperity, change and more kindness to ourselves and one another. Let’s live with more compassion, less criticism, better (mutual) relationships and steadying balance.


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