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5 Ways to Preserve Your Peace

If there is one good thing I have zoned in on this year is protecting my peace. It’s something we all take for granted at some point in our lives but we can’t go wrong by doing it. Truth is, time doesn’t stop for us and neither do challenges and upsets. What we can do is implement certain practices throughout our day to help make sense of it all. Here are five ways to restore your peace and achieve your goals:

1. Wake Up Early

Even if you’re not a “morning person”, waking up early can still be the best move you can make in the mornings to get on a productive path. It’s something about waking up, while it’s still quiet and that allows me to center. This is my time to do my daily ritual of prayer, meditation, and journaling to set my intentions. And not look at my phone! Once the day gets going, it’s difficult to find time for yourself. So, making your well-being a priority will set the tone for the whole day.

2. Minimize Your To-Do List

I used to sit down at the start of the day, and write down every single task that came to mind. Before the morning was over, I could already determine that I was not going to even put a dent in my list. This not only made me feel overwhelmed but also unaccomplished. Now, I take about 15 minutes each night to write down the most important things I need to do – no more than 5 things. By keeping the list small and more intentional, I have a better chance of being more productive.

3. Grant Yourself Rest

Whether you are still in the office, or work from home, it’s your right to take breaks! I know it's difficult to do. It’s good for your physical and emotional health to get up and away from the computer. Ignoring your breaks can actually wear you down and make you feel even more drained at the end of the day. A nice walk, eating some lunch, or reading a few pages of a book can do wonders for your productivity.

4. Learn to Say No

If you didn’t realize it, “No” is a complete sentence. It’s a short, matter-of-fact way to shut down what is not serving you. It’s okay to let people know what your boundaries are. Period.

5. Stay Organized

The one thing that will have my anxiety through the roof is clutter and not being organized. It’s more about being a neat freak; you can have disorder in your work life, home, or relationships. The goal is to be organized in every area of your life. The sooner you get there, the easier it will be to maximize your time.


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