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And If No One Has Told You Today...

I’ve worked from home for the last five years. So, when we had to start the self-quarantine in March, I didn’t really miss a beat. But having to chase down basic necessities like toilet paper and cleaning supplies was the bane of my existence.

Like most of us, we thought the Rona would be over in a few weeks. Little did we know it would still be here – hanging on for dear life and causing so much havoc. And just when I start to feel better about traveling, news reports make me not want to go anywhere.

We’ve gotten used to walking around with masks, and social distancing. Daily life is different. But what scares me is that we have become too comfortable in certain areas of our life. For some, the pandemic has caused you to be still which may not be something you’ve done in a long time. For others, you’ve had to quickly make enormous life changes you weren’t ready for.

Before the pandemic, I could spend the day working at a coffee shop or bookstore. I maneuvered with no precautions and traveled without worry. Now, I feel confined to my home office, and you can’t even sit down in the bookstore.

Spending a considerable amount of time inside can give you a new perspective on just about everything. I find myself excited most days but then completely exhausted on others. I’m focusing more on my physical and emotional well-being. But I have picked up several pounds due to cooking so much.

I’m writing more. Reading more. Spending more time outdoors. Sleep is questionable most nights. I’m consuming more news which is not good. I miss my family.

I’ve started to realize things I spend too much worrying about, and other things (and people) I need to give more attention to. I’ve discovered just how weird my neighbors are, and that I don’t like their dog. And I really love dogs.

When my thoughts move to the upcoming election, I’m trying desperately to envision a world without Donald Trump as president. I’m trying to be optimistic that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will do the unthinkable.

Recently, I read an article in Medium about Nikki Giovanni and her upcoming new book Make Me Rain: poems and prose. First of all, I love her. I STAN this woman. Her words give me life. Period. She also has a way of saying the most interesting things. Here’s what she said about our current state of politics:

“I do like Joe Biden, by the way. I think that he is a decent and principled human being. So, I am proud to vote for Joe Biden. I’m voting for him because I think he is the right person for our country at this time. And I think that Sen. Kamala Harris will be a great vice president.

But I’ll also say this, I have a dog, and her name is Cleopatra. I would vote for Cleopatra over Donald Trump. She’s smarter and nicer, and she cares about me. She cares about other people too. She does her job. So, I think that Cleopatra would be a better president of the United States than Donald Trump.”

LOL. See what I mean.

I’ll leave you with this: Your life is going in the direction that it’s supposed to. Whatever you’re lacking or what you think you have too much of – it’s all a part of your journey. You are enough. You're making it work. You're managing through this life better than most. You are dealing with things you don’t understand or have an answer for. Everything is different, including what you see when you look in the mirror. It’s okay. Keep getting up and giving your best. That’s all you’ve got right now. You’re doing great. And if no one has told you today – you are loved.


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