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Focused on Purpose

My best friend and I had a conversation recently about sometimes struggling to just get into a good headspace. It’s worrying about what’s going to happen, or discerning the right thing to do. The more we talked, the more we realized we had the same thoughts and feelings. It wasn’t an issue of motivation but more about purpose. And in the midst of having purpose on our sleeves, we continue to persist.

Motivation can be hard to come by, because it’s fleeting. It’s a reaction and fades away when you get to a place where you no longer feel moved to operate at full capacity. The things that push you out of bed each day can also make you feel stressed, anxious, or even resentful when you lose sight of your “why” or worse: realized that you haven’t found your “why” at all.

Last year, COVID had us messed up and searching for clarity. We had glimpses of motivation but it was a struggle! Even before the pandemic, many of us faced challenges personally and professionally. Instead of fearing the unknown, we stared directly in its face. If nothing else, it has taught me to make my mental and physical health a priority, set boundaries, and focus on what is within my power to do.

We can take a lesson from professional tennis player Naomi Osaka for removing herself from the biggest tournament in the game of tennis, all for the sake of her mental health. After lengthy bouts of depression in 2018, upon defeating Serena Williams in the U.S. Open, she’s battled social anxiety with speaking to the press. Standing up for herself is the ultimate form of self-care.

Set Specific Goals

The American Psychological Association share that people who set specific and challenging goals are 90 percent more likely to achieve what they’ve set their mind to do. I use the Notes app on my phone, Evernote, and good ole’ pen to paper to indicate laser-focused goals which include dates. This is more than a daily “To-do” list.


Daily prayer, journaling, and meditation help me visualize what I need to do each day. These things help me to get through things and express how I feel. Early morning is my favorite time, because it’s a fantastic way to start my day. The house is quiet and I can take time just for me.


I pay attention to my body. I take breaks. I stay hydrated. I say no when I need to. Your purpose will manifest when you put yourself in a position to understand what is making you feel a certain way and create a plan to get back to that good headspace, so that you can win.


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