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How To Write Effectively During Quarantine

Here we are wrapping up July, and our lives continue to be held in uncertainty. Most people are now working from home, while many others have lost their jobs. We are settled into the four walls of our homes, and with that comes a high level of anxiety.

Many writers are trying to stretch that emotional bandwidth for writing projects. However, a writing routine and focusing on what you love to write can help make the most of the energy you do have left.

Make a Daily Routine

Instead of pressuring yourself to write every day, you need to come up with a daily routine. Many writers avoid this, thinking their lives will return to normal soon but that hasn’t happened yet. So, with or without a global pandemic, you need to have some structure.

Most people who work from home have a daily routine that helps them be more productive and stay healthy (mentally and physically). When you have set times to do things, you get into a natural rhythm. You are better able to allocate your daily energy and switch from one task to another.

Understand How You Write

As you build your daily routine, look for those pockets of time you can write. This may be an hour or two early in the morning when it’s quiet and everyone is asleep, or after they’ve gone to bed. Pay attention to when you feel most creative throughout the day, and see if you can devote some of that time to your writing.

Think about what helps you get creative and ready to write – then develop a writing routine. Do you need to meditate first? What about getting in your daily exercise? Even making your tea or coffee. If you do something like this before you sit down to write, you’ll train your mind to switch from thinking about other tasks to focusing on your writing. That way, you’ll be ready to start putting words down.

Set Writing Boundaries

After you’ve established your daily and writing routines, you need to set boundaries around them. Otherwise, everything you can think of will get in the way. Just because you’re home all day doesn’t mean you’re available. Make sure everyone knows that. Writing time is your special time to get to focus on a project that makes you happy. Protect that time at all costs!

Have Fun

One of the most effective ways to keep writing during quarantine is to make sure you’re enjoying it. Now is not the time to force yourself to finish the poem or the chapter you’ve been struggling with, or to write the character you just aren’t connecting with. Instead, write a short story featuring your favorite place or character. Write down words, phrases, concepts to help that poem move along.

So, to keep writing during quarantine, build a routine, set boundaries, and keep your writing fun. You’ve got this!


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