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Thanksgiving: The Best Time To Start

No matter what we’ve been through this year, the act of thanksgiving can be found somewhere in the wreckage. Each of our lives has been touched differently by the pandemic, and many things are still uncertain. However, I’ve learned to develop a habit of giving thanks and allowing that to be my foundation through it all.

The holidays are among us but we are having to move different this year. It’s difficult to have to stay in place and not be with family and friends. We truly are having to create a new normal for ourselves, whether we like it or not.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. We commonly feel this way during the month of November, as Thanksgiving arrives. Truth is, we should embrace that feeling year-round. Negative emotions like worry, anxiety, doubt, etc. can take front and center in our day to day loves. Practicing gratitude often takes a backseat. When you really think about it, how often do we dedicate time to reflect on our lives? All of the good things, even the little things?

I am thankful for still having a job during this time, as well as continuing to work from home. I have been able to give myself more undivided attention. I’ve also let go of things that just wasn’t serving me which brought back two things I value most – my time and my peace.

God has a sense of humor, for sure. The way he answers prayers sometimes is beyond me. He does things according to His will which doesn’t always align with our plans. These days, I try to focus on the bigger picture – the greater good. Situations are not always as they seem, so I find comfort in focusing on the good I can conjure up.

Now is the time for us to really examine our lives, pay attention to our thoughts and our words, and to see how much thanksgiving we express. Instead of complaining what this global pandemic has brought us, be thankful for what it hasn’t.

Develop an attitude of thanksgiving in every situation. In fact, just become outrageously thankful during these challenging times – and watch as your intimacy with God increases and He pours out greater blessings than ever before.


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