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The Last Will Be Better Than The First

I woke up this morning realizing that it’s the first day of the week, and the first day of July. It also hit me that it’s the first official day of the second half of the year. As I made coffee and turned the laptop on, panic started to set in thinking about all the things I haven’t accomplished yet in 2019.

It’s that familiar feeling of working so hard and doing all the “right” things, but feel like you’re not achieving the success you dream of. You scroll social media and see other people doing all these great things that you know you are capable of. You know what you’re doing is meant to help others, but things just haven’t added up the way you planned.

Is this not what we do? We spend so much time worrying and panicking over what we haven’t accomplished that we keep ourselves from making room for what we want to do.

Time is fleeting. Even though we set goals and expect things to happen in a certain amount of time, a myriad of things can happen that can pull us away from our goals. We have to learn how to re-evaluate, regroup and keep pushing.

I had to stop my panic attack in its tracks this morning. Instead of mulling over what I haven’t accomplished, I decided to refocus my goals.

What is fascinating to observe are individuals who’ve achieved a notable amount of success. They all have a few common traits: they believe in themselves and just keep taking the next step to move themselves forward without stopping to consider how they might fail. They also don’t waste time worrying about yesterday.

I encourage you to view this first day of July as a recharge. The best way to do it is look from the inside and realign yourself with your purpose. Recognize negative thought patterns and reframe them into motivation. Be kind to yourself. The last part of the year will better than your first.


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