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The Nerve to be Committed

These days, there seems to be a general urgency to get things accomplished whether it’s starting a business or getting more rest. We’re all thinking about goals and new ways of doing things. The truth is most of us fail at our goals because we’ve given our feelings way too much room to play.

Another hard truth is that we’ve conditioned ourselves into using “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have the resources” as excuses. We each have 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. We make time for what we want to make time for.

If you’re inconsistent, the issue is that you feel like you don’t have what you need. Your feelings can creep up on you sometimes and take over your capability to win. Relationships fail, businesses fail, and ideas fail not because we’re not capable. They fail because we feel too much and commit too little.

For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel. And when I say “For quite some time…”, I mean a few years. I posted a video here and there – when I felt like it. I didn’t even plan. Even though I knew it would be a great way for me to share my knowledge and expertise, I gave up before I even put forth effort.

Then the excuses started – “I don’t really have time” and “I don’t have the right equipment” were the two I used most often. Sometimes, we allow the idea of perfection to get in the way of purpose. Honestly, I always had the time. I just wasn’t ready to commit, so I found other things I wanted to do more. I have no fancy camera or lighting. But I do have an iPhone 11, a tripod, and some lamps. I make it work!

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers – how many followers, how many views and likes. But all I committed to do was post a video once a week. I knew that consistency would be key to my success. I plan what day I will film and edit, and also plan out my content for the month.

The fact is when you commit first and feel later, you’ll stay consistent. When you tell yourself, “I’m not quitting no matter how hard it gets” and believe yourself, you follow through. Belief is accepting that it will happen.

Most people will quit because they let their feelings sabotage them and then justify it with even more feelings. Many are called but few are chosen – because they had the unmitigated gall to commit even when things got hard, ugly, and even unpredictable.

Shifting my focus on why I am doing something, has allowed me to be committed to the commitment. It’s commitment first, feelings last.

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1 Comment

May 18, 2020

FEAR was often my wall that kept me from stepping out and I used a lack of time as my excuse. Every time I muscled the strength to knock it down, I realized the other side wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined. I'm learning that fear only has as much power that I allow.

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