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New Beginnings All The Time

Happy April everyone! This is absolutely my favorite time of year. April 1st marks my birthday, the first day of National Poetry Month, and the weather starting to warm up. It’s like a reawakening in my spirit, almost greater than when the new year begins.

So many things are happening in this world and it’s easy to lost. Some of the goals we may have set on January 1st are now a distant memory. But we can always press the restart button.

The following poem Range of View, speaks to the spirit of optimism; waking up and having hope for a new day can bring. We know that doubt and fear can set in but there is power in not allowing those things to win.


I speak brave words

and no longer fight them in my sleep.

At dawn,

I lay awake in healing,

although doubt begins to creep.

But it is powerless

and I’m not afraid anymore.

I wash my body in the present moment,

with my pores soaking up truth.

The scent of citrus opens my eyes

with a smell so sweet.

It is no longer desperate,

because I understand

the gift of seeing like an eagle

but walking like a woman.

And the water on the surface of my body

rolls fast to the floor,

while things at center creep slow.

These things

have been perceived.

If I want to see the eagles,

I can restrain them

and marvel at why they won’t fly.


I can release them into the open sky,

before the sun rises

and trust they know the way.

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