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3 Habits That Helped Me Create A Perfect Morning Routine

Even before the pandemic, I’ve been quite consistent with a morning routine. This past year, I realized more than ever how much my habits determine how I spend time and whether or not I achieve my goals. And one of the most important sets of habits that affects how my day plays out is my morning routine.

If I’m a hot mess in the morning, I’ll spend the rest of the day trying to catch up. If I am able to be intentional about my mornings, though, the rest of my day tends to go more smoothly as well. It’s not enough to just have a “to-do” list but do certain things to bring me to that point.

Everyone will have a different morning routine that works for them, their circumstances, and their stage of life but I thought I’d share some habits that work for me.


I wake up early between 6-6:30 am each day. The house is quiet and the sun hasn’t made its way through yet. I take that opportunity to center myself with The Bible app, Jesus is Calling app, Daily Shine app, and prayer. Even though I use apps on my phone, I make a point to not jump on social media or check email.

I will journal for at least ten minutes and read from a book that is motivational. I also commit to drinking at least one bottle of water, before having a cup of coffee. Having this time has been crucial to getting my day started with a positive tone. Putting good stuff in, at the beginning of the day, keeps my anxiety in check and allows me to think positively towards my day.


Every night, I take about 15 minutes to handwrite my to-do list for the next day. I enjoy writing my list out but your Notes app, Evernote, Google Drive, or Notion also does the job. I use these apps for other things but it's something about writing my list down that holds me more accountable. Just make sure that its functional and easily accessible for you throughout the day.


I love my home office space but I’ve got to make sure I get up and move my body. Usually, this is taking a 2-mile walk or at least getting outside to breathe in the fresh air. It’s easy to forget to eat, forget to drink water, and forget to bathe! All of these things are opportunities to step away from the computer and practice much needed self-care.

I believe that it's not so much what you do but how you do it. If I set myself up for success each day, I've won most of the battle. It’s usually the things we “don’t have time to do” that mean the most to our overall well-being. The key is to make room for them – whatever that needs to look like for you. Your soul will thank you.

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