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3 Things To Do Before Publishing Your Book

As an author, one of the most satisfying things is holding your finished book in hand. It never gets old. Many authors simply want to print their book to have a copy of their own, or to share with family. But if you intend to turn your book into a side hustle or a full-time career, understand that it takes another level of commitment.

After you’ve poured every ounce of yourself into that manuscript, don’t lose the momentum! Writing your book is just the start of the journey. Now, it’s time to prepare it for publication. Here’s some tips to make sure you set your book up for success.


Self-edit (several rounds), revise, and then get your manuscript professionally edited. Being meticulous about the content of your book and the way it’s presented is the best way for readers to appreciate your story. A good editing process will ensure that your book is error-free, and has continuity throughout.


Truth is, you need a good marketing plan and it needs to start at least nine months prior to your book release. It doesn’t matter at what stage you are in your project; it is never too early to start building your platform and thinking about how you can reach your readers.


No one will know that you have a book, or buy it, unless you tell them about it. Spend time building your author platform before you publish. Your platform consists of things like your author website, social media, blog, email list, connection with your local bookstores and libraries, and participation with other authors, bloggers, and even podcast hosts. It’s never too soon to start, and when you begin before you publish, you’ll have a built-in audience waiting for when you book is available.


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