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Control Your Narrative and Work Your Dreams

Monday mornings are perfect for thinking and starting anew. It’s something about the first day of the week that resets our minds and allows us to approach our situations in a different way. Everything around us is the same but how we choose to step into it can be life-changing.

We are all pressed for time these days with family, children, work, side-hustles, and a host of other demands. On a regular basis, our dreams get sent to the back of the shelf because it feels like there is not enough time to devote to them.

Then we scroll social media and see other people managing to do the very things we are just dreaming about. We all have the same 24 hours a day, so why does it seem like you can’t win?

First and foremost, have you asked God what he wants you to do? Oftentimes, we are trying to do what we see someone else doing and follow exactly how they are doing it.

But that is not what God desires for us. Even if there are 100 other people that write poetry, God has a particular message that he wants you to put forth. You can’t say what someone else says, because that’s not your gift. You have to use what God has given you.

Since becoming an author, I’ve realized that you can’t make your goals happen alone. You have to have support, and you have to ask for help. Surrounding yourself with people who have accomplished what you’re trying to do will put you in position to win.

A dream is just words written down on paper, unless you work a plan. You have to sit down and determine what it is you are going to do, what you need to get there, and work the plan. This is when fear sets in and we begin to find every excuse as to why we can’t make our dreams a reality. It’s easier to fantasize about what we could do than to actually do the work.

God did not place us on this earth to be mediocre and do the bare minimum. He put us here to live out the purpose he’s placed in us. We have a role to play in our destinies. Living your best life is doing the work and applying it. Spreading your magic is walking boldly in your purpose.

2019 is not over yet. You still have plenty of time to hit the reset button on your goals, develop a plan, and do the work.

That urgency you feel to do something differently – that is your wake-up call to the life you’re suppose to be living.


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