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Disaster Brings Out Our Best

I wake up, as usual, about 5:45 am every morning. I’m not the type to jump straight up. Rather, I lay there and pray, asking God for strength and his blessings. About 6:15 am, I finally rise and get my day started. For the last five years, I’ve been blessed to work from home. In the midst of the pandemic going on, I've been beyond grateful that I am home with a job intact.

Don’t get me wrong, my life is busy! I still work long hours, more than usual Zoom meetings every week, and have to be accountable. It took a while to adjust to being alone and not having colleagues around. I felt isolated and lonely at first, as I had just moved to a new city.

People immediately think that working from home is the ultimate glory road. Yes, I work in my pajamas most of the day and don't have to worry about being in an office. However, it's difficult not being around people - even the ones that get on your nerves. As much as we try to resist it sometimes, we need human interaction. I found myself missing the camaraderie and being in a team atmosphere.

Over time, I’ve gotten quite good at establishing a morning routine, setting a schedule of work and rewarding myself with breaks. These things help me with being alone. I wear two different hats during the course of a day – professor and writer – but it all seems to balance itself out.

A couple of months ago when we all had to self-quarantine, my world didn’t flinch. I watched as companies scrambled to set their employees up remotely, and parents figured out how they were going to work and homeschool their children. Unfortunately, some people lost their jobs and began to worry about how they were going pay rent and bills.

My better-half found himself being home as well. There’s no doubt we love each other but it’s a good thing we like each other! Although we’ve been together for many years, this space has allowed us to learn new pieces of each other and we’re bonding in new ways. The time we spend is more quality. As creatives, we are both brain-storming how to forge ahead in new ways.

Lately, I feel like I’ve been reimbursed with time. My thoughts are no longer fixed on what I could do in the future but what my next move needs to be today. Even though I can’t attend planned events, or plan my own book signings, this pandemic has made me re-imagine things I can do. It’s made me think creatively and focus on the now – what I can do now with the tools and resources I do have.

The sun is still shining each day. I sit at my desk each morning, drink coffee, and jot down at least three things I can do to step ahead. I’m not leaving the house as much – I order groceries which has been a god-send. Amazon is getting more of my coins than they should. I still make dinner every night, and we’re finding great movies on Netflix. Sundays are still for FaceTiming with my nieces and working on my blog.

I can’t deny the fear and worry due to COVID-19. But with disaster always comes a renewed faith in community, healing, and humanity. There are people on the front-lines of this pandemic, risking their lives for the rest of us. Grocery store clerks and delivery drivers are now everyday heroes. Through all of this, we are learning a new meaning of appreciation and gratitude.

This has been a call to be still. We are looking at ourselves and each other with different eyes. We are starting to think more about what really matters and how we’re making use of this life. It's difficult to think about when we'll be able to travel again or even go to the movie theater. Life as we knew it just won't be the same. I pray every day for God to heal our world, and that he touches our leaders to make the best decisions.

Regardless of who you are or where you are, you matter. I am praying for you and your loved ones. I am praying for your children, family, and financial situation. I pray that you have a roof over your head and food to eat. I pray that your bills are paid and blessings flow.

Your story may not be the same as mine but we are all in this together. We are all navigating a new normal and trying to figure it all out. During this time, I pray you find the gift of loving yourself more. I pray for healing of your soul, mind, and body. We will come through this better than ever.


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