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Exactly What You Ask For

Randolph Wilkerson said, "If you go to God with a thimble, you can only bring back a thimbleful."

My Nana used to sew and had various types of thimbles. Some were plastic and very light-weight, while others were metal and quite heavy. They were also different sizes, depending on the project she was working on. Based on the result she was looking for, she knew which thimble to bring to the table.

Imagine if you spent six months living in a basement with rats. Everyday you pray for a safe place to sleep. Your prayers are finally answered. A friend offers you their living room couch. After two weeks of living out of Walmart bags, you start praying again. "Please Lord, all I want is a room with a a bed!" Three months later, your daily prayer was heard. You find a room with enough space for a bed, and a few containers to hold your clothes. Why didn't you just ask God for a three bedroom house with a basement, backyard and garage?

Because like most of us, the tendency is to limit God. For some reason, we get stuck in our immediate need and we think God is stuck there too. We believe that the one who created the earth, sun, moon, stars, mountains, and oceans that run so deep has nothing left to give. Stepping out on FAITH can be difficult because we cannot see anything. FAITH requires that we bring it all to the table - prepared for the biggest result.

If you never ask for what you want, you can't expect to get it. FAITH without works is dead. Based on the result you're looking for, you have to bring your requests to the table with expectation. You have to believe that God will work it out.

Be encouraged on today. Know that God wants to bless you with your deepest desires and answer all your prayers. Go to Him with your best and He'll show you His.


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