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Get Creative and Define Your Home Work Space

Within the last couple of months, I’ve joyfully taken on the task of decorating my home office space. If you’re like me, you spend the majority of time at home. I work from home, write from home – so it was important for me to have a space that’s comfortable, that I enjoy being in, and that reflects my personality.

Living in a one-bedroom apartment, it certainly doesn’t lend itself to having the exact space I want. However, I knew that I could create a dedicated area that I would be happy with.

Upon moving to California three years ago, my writing space was in the bedroom. Convenient but not really conducive to getting anything done on a daily basis. I felt cramped and not enough natural light was coming in. So, I turned the dining room into my home office space. It wasn’t a big deal letting go of what the room was intended for, so the stage was set.

I knew that I wanted to go with a classic black and white look, with accents of rose gold and pink. So, I took to Pinterest to help get gather ideas and looks. Next order of business was to get a desk. I didn’t want a traditional desk with drawers or even a hutch. What I needed was a large white desktop, so I went to IKEA and got just that. A 59-inch Linnmon Desk Top, along with white legs. Inexpensive and super easy to assemble.

With the most important feature out of the way, then I thought about storage. It needed to be functional but also work well in a small space. I decided to go with a 6-cube storage unit from Target, with black/white storage bins from Amazon. This way I could display my favorite journals and books, while also hiding smaller items that I didn’t need to be seen.

Desk accessories all came from Amazon and wall pictures from Etsy. For a personalized touch, I printed out and framed my book covers to display on the wall. To define the space, I used a 3.5 x 5.5 shag area rug.

As time goes by, I know that I will find more accessories to compliment the space. And one day I will have an entire room that I can really go crazy in. For now, this works and I love it.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Even in a small space, you can personalize it and make it your kind of perfect.


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