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How I Make Working From Home Work

When people think about working from home, many imagine sleeping in, lounging around in their pajamas, and taking long lunches. I definitely do the pajamas part! But what people don’t realize is that even though working from home offers flexibility, you’re still working.

I’ve had to learn how to set things up in order to be successful, like setting office hours and a dedicated office space. As a writer, my mind can go off into a hundred directions, so avoiding outside distractions to help keep my mind focused.

Although I have worked from home since 2015, it’s still no easy feat. However, I have developed a good foundation that helps me work smarter and more efficiently. It was a challenge in the beginning, because I was used to the buzz of the office. At home, it was just me and took some time to settle into that.

First, I wake up early. I am up by 6:30 am but I am striving for 5:30 am. By getting up early, I can focus some attention on me, before I get into my work day. Making coffee, prayer, meditation, and journaling set my day off right, so that I can have the right mindset. It requires discipline, focus and commitment, but the flexibility to define that yourself. You can create a work culture at home that represents you.

Here are three ways to become successful at working from home:

Deal with distractions. It’s important to maintain focus. Are you being distracted by the television, household demands, or by your family? Create a dedicated office space, with a comfortable chair, a large desk, and a door you can close.

Stay organized. Devote time and effort to organization.

  • Make a to-do list on paper or on your phone.

  • Establish a routine.

  • Keep an organized desk.

Keep communication open. Working from home can leave you feeling isolated. Make plans to attend networking events and other social activities to stay connected.

I remind friends and family that even though I’m home I’m still working. I also switch it up sometimes and work from a coffee shop or the library. Just being around other people at least once a week helps keep my motivation up.

Honestly, I never want to return to a corporate environment. It’s easy to get spoiled working from home, especially when your commute is only five seconds.


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